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15-minute Sprint Hypothesis

Being a Product Owner is tough. Having the accountability for maximising value can sometimes feel like a huge weight is on your shoulders and sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin.

When I’ve been a Product Owner in the past, I often rocked up to Sprint Planning and helped the Scrum Team to craft a Sprint Goal ‘on the hoof’ – it was neither purposeful, nor respectful.

Now as a Scrum Master, I can reflect on what would have helped me as an in-experienced Product Owner. In doing so, it reminded me of my time as a teacher and planning lessons. It was, and still is, common to use a structure called the ‘5 minute lesson plan’ to clearly identify your goals and what is of value in a lesson. Much like a Product, a lesson is also a vehicle to deliver value – that value is knowledge.

For the past year, I’ve been experimenting with a ’15 minute Sprint Hypothesis’ tool that I’ve slowly iterated on during my coaching with Product Owners. It’s purpose is to help structure their thinking in advance of Sprint Planning, and ecnourages them to deeply consider what is of value, how we can get there and how we’ll measure it.

Maybe you’ll find it useful when coaching Product Owners on how to make Sprint Planning more purposeful and value-focused?

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