This ‘Scenarios’ vlog series will discuss a range of tricky situations that Scrum Masters encounter. It doesn’t aim to provide definitive answers or steps, because there aren’t any. More, it’s about reflecting on the scenario itself.


Scenario #1 – ‘On Monday morning, a senior manager comes to you and says: ‘I’m really sorry, but we need the velocity of your team to increase by 10%. Can we meet a little bit later to discuss how you can make this happen?’

What would you do?

There a few parts to this scenario that we need to consider:

  • What is velocity and why does it need to increase?
  • Is it possible for a Scrum Master or a manager to increase velocity?

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

A written transcript is available here:


  1. This is totally amazing Ryan Brook. Looking forward to learning more, as well as contributing to the scenarios. Kudos!

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