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Proud sponsors of our Armed Forces

We are proud to be a supporter of our Armed Forces in the United Kingdom. Whether you are an active or ex-serviceman or woman, thank you for your service.

This page highlights the offerings to those who have military service and access to ELCAS credits. Furthermore, if you have served in the UK Armed Forces but aren’t aware of ELCAS, we can help you there.

Who is Professional Scrum of interest to?

Simply, anyone who wants to learn how to improve their value delivery. Despite the names of the classes, surprisingly they are not just for Scrum Masters or Product Owners. Our classes support those who are interested in transitioning into Project/Product Management, or those who are currently involved within it.

Consequently, there is no requirement for any knowledge of product or software prior to participating in any of our training.

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The offerings currently available through ELCAS are:

  • Professional Scrum Master
    Professional Scrum Master

    £1800 inc. VAT

  • Professional Scrum Master Advanced
    Professional Scrum Master II

    £1800 inc. VAT

  • Professional Scrum Product Owner™
    Professional Scrum Product Owner

    £1800 inc. VAT

  • ELCAS Training Packages - PSM and PSPO Logo
    Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Product Owner

    £2500 inc VAT

What packages are available?

You can read more about the individual class content and assessments on their respective pages elsewhere on our website, however, the packages on offer for those using ELCAS are more comprehensive than listed to the public. Each package includes access to the accredited two-day class and the usual two attempts to pass the assessment, but also included in each purchase is:

  • 1 hour of CV writing support or career coaching.
  • A welcome package of study material and gifts.
  • An Amazon voucher upon successfully passing your assessments.

Irrespective of how you intend to pay, you are eligible to attend any of our Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Master II and Professional Scrum Product Owner classes that are available to the public.

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” I am constantly impressed with Ryan’s professionalism, interpersonal skills and teaching style. I have never stayed on a screen for so long and remained as engaged as I do with him (breaks included). Would highly recommend any of his courses and to also follow him on social media for passive learning. “

Chris Shaw – 2022

” Ryan delivered a first rate course that was well planned and executed to maximise the students involvement and ability to confirm their understanding throughout.

I highly recommend Optilearn as a provider of training and will definitely be using them in the future. “

Tim Hughes – 2022

” Ryan was an excellent teacher during the 2 day course.

The content was valuable and delivered in an engaging manner. Working as a team and allowing us all to develop as a Scrum master Will definitely look at undertaking more courses that Optilearn offer in the future. “

Adam Webb – 2022

” I’ve just completed a brilliant class led by Ryan and supported by Sanjay. It was very engaging, entertaining and informative. I now feel prepared for the assessment and know where to look for future support, refresher training and guidance. Excellent delivery with no PowerPoint at all and a good balance of guided instruction and group work. I would recommend the course and instructors. “

Shaun Murphy – 2022

” Great course, one of the best courses I’ve attended both Ryan Brook and Alex Gbaguidi were excellent instructors throughout, passing on their knowledge and experiences to all of us who attended. Great delivery and course materials, lots of fun, role play and plenty of class participation. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. “

Vicki Miller – 2021

” Quote of the day. “SCRUM is like your mother-in-law, it points out all of your faults”….. A massive thank you to Ryan Brook at Optilearn for delivering a superb “Introduction to SCRUM Project Management” CPD session that I arranged for 24 members of my organisation today. What we learnt over the course of 4 hours will benefit us individually and as a team for years to come. As a former instructor and Training Warrant Officer in the British Army, I can honestly say it was one of the most well lead and interactive lessons I’ve attended. Ryan is an expert in his field and we were blessed to receive such quality training today. “

Carl Milburn – 2022

How to proceed

To proceed with your booking you will need to process your booking through the ELCAS portal. If you are looking to book using the bundle to maximise use of one ELCAS credit, you will need to select both classes and checkout. This will look a lot more expensive than listed above, however once you’ve checked out you simply need to contact your IRO stating that you have agreed the bundle above and to manually edit your ELCAS approval. Once you have processed your booking, please contact us and we will register your place on your chosen dates.

If you are self-funding, please contact us explaining your situation and we will issue an invoice to you representing the above prices.

If you have any questions regarding ELCAS, our classes, or their relevance to you, please contact us and we will arrange a phone call to discuss further.

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Please search for our registered company name "Shawbrook Solutions"

Partnered with the Gen Dit Network

As part of our outreach to support service leavers in their transition, we are partnered with the Gen Dit Network. This organisation provides great support to those looking to move on from their military careers, in the form of networking with wider industry, CV workshops, social events, conferences and more.

If you aren’t familiar with this excellent organisation, please consider looking into them to see what they can offer you (and what you may be able to offer them) – you can find out more about them via their LinkedIn page. Our relationship takes the form of sponsorship and support to those looking to transition into Project Management and Product Management roles. This may be in the form of Scrum Master and Product Owner training, or helping leavers source a job.

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