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Live virtual training

1 February, 2024 - 2 February, 2024

9:00am - 5:30pm (Tokyo, JP) or 0:00am - 8:30am (London, UK)

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    Trained by
  • Gregory Fontaine

    Gregory Fontaine

Japanese – Professional Scrum Master™, 1/2/2024 – 2/2/2024


Course Description

This course is taught in Japanese.

The Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) training is a course that teaches the underlying principles, and theories of the Scrum framework and the role of the Scrum Master. It combines classroom lectures and team-based exercises to teach the core of Scrum and Agile.

Over the course of two days, you will learn effective mindsets, attitudes and techniques to become an effective Scrum Master and guide new product development teams (not only software) to improve their effectiveness.

Through the course, students are challenged to think in terms of Scrum principles, while at the same time gaining a better understanding of how to practice Scrum effectively in the field.

PSM training is more than just a lecture. During this training, students work as a team with other classmates on real-life case studies and have case-based discussions.

Who should attend?

The primary audience for this class is Scrum Masters, Team Leaders, Managers, Product Owners, Developers, or anyone interested in how Scrum Teams develop products and deliver value. Despite the name of the class, it is not only designed for Scrum Masters.

There is no requirement for any knowledge of product or software delivery prior to participating, nor any experience of being in a Scrum Team.

What is the class?

During this class, you will learn the theory behind the Scrum framework and hear experiences from our trainer about how they’ve applied the principles in practice.

The areas of focus are:

  • Empiricism – the evidence-based, decision-making theory that underpins the whole Scrum framework.
  • Scrum Values – the five core values that provide the bedrock on which successful, self-managing Scrum Teams are built.
  • Self-management – the qualities of good Scrum Teams and how they work together.
  • Scrum Team – the three accountabilities and how they work together to produce a Done increment.
  • Scrum Events – the opportunities Scrum provides to inspect and adapt, ensuring focus remains on value delivery.
  • Artifacts – the transparent articles that are inspected throughout a Sprint and adapted as needed.

We also touch upon a number of other subjects including: Done, facilitation styles, leadership styles, coaching and mentoring, forecasting and release planning, Product value, Product Backlog management, emergent software development, managing technical risk, and continuous quality.

Additional Information

By signing up for this class, you are eligible for the following benefits offered by

  • one free attempt at the PSM I assessment (a saving of $150)
  • a second free attempt (if you try, and fail to meet the 85% passing mark within 14 days of the class finishing). If you pass on the first attempt, a second attempt will not be given
  • if you require a third attempt, we’ll split the bill with you. We’ll cover 50% of the $150 cost of a third code
  • a 40% discount on a PSM II assessment purchase
  • upon successful completion of the PSM I assessment, lifetime certification for PSM I – it will never expire unlike other providers
  • 14 PDUs that can be used to evidence your continued learning requirement for the Project Management Institute (PMI)

Your Professional Scrum Trainer

Gregory Fontaine is a Professional Scrum Trainer from France, who moved to Japan in 2017. He is the only Japanese-speaking Professional Scrum Trainer. Aside from being a trainer, he has supported various companies as a Scrum Master, consultant and agile coach. As a Scrum Master, he has led a number of Scrum Teams in different industries including outside software development.

As a trainer, Gregory always aims to strike the right balance between theory and practice. Since he has extensive experience with Scrum, and still supports Scrum teams as a Scrum Master in addition to being a trainer, Gregory is able to share real-life experiences and practical examples.

In addition to this training, Gregory also provides various services through Agorax, LLC. If you are interested, please visit or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter..

If you have any questions, please contact Optilearn at:

WhatsApp: +447969092101


This event will be held as a Live Virtual Class (LVC) using a combination of Zoom and MURAL. Joining instructions will be sent one week prior to the class start date.

Additional information

Country of residence for the participant/s

United Kingdom, United States, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden or Switzerland, Indian and African nations, Other

Event Details

Start date: February 01, 2024

End date: February 02, 2024

Start time: 09:00 JST

End time: 17:30 JST

Venue: Virtual training



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