The Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) class and associated assessment is widely regarded as the industry standard for Scrum certification. It is created and examined by, the home of Scrum. By taking this class, you can be assured that the courseware, trainer and (hopefully) the resulting certification is of the highest quality.

Who should attend?

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers, organisational managers who work with Scrum Teams, or anyone who wants to learn how to improve their value delivery. Despite the name of the class, it is not just for Scrum Masters.

There is no requirement for any knowledge of product or software delivery prior to participating.

What is the class?

Typically offered as two day/four half-day classes, the PSM I is an interactive learning experience. You will learn the theory behind the Scrum framework, and hear experiences from our trainer/s how they’ve applied the principles in industry.

The areas of focus are:

  • Empiricism – the evidence-based, decision making theory than underpins the whole Scrum framework.
  • Scrum Values – the five core values that provide the bedrock on which successful, self-managing Scrum Teams are built on.
  • Scrum Team – the three accountabilities and how they work together to produce a Done increment.
  • Events – the opportunities Scrum provides to inspect and adapt, ensuring focus remains on value delivery.
  • Artefacts – the transparent articles that are inspected throughout a Sprint and adapted as needed.
  • Self-managing Teams – the qualities of good Scrum Teams and how they work together.
  • Also included to a lesser extent are; Done, facilitation styles, leadership styles, coaching and mentoring, forecasting and release planning, Product value, Product Backlog management, emergent software development, managing technical risk, and continuous quality.

What are the benefits of attending a PSM I with Optilearn?

There are lots of trainers offering the same course. When you book directly with Optilearn (sometimes, we offer our classes via Partner Training Organisations) you will receive the following benefits:

  • If you fail your (free) PSM I assessment attempt on the first go, we’ll give you free mentoring, coaching and teaching to help you fill in the gaps before your (free) second attempt.
  • You will get a free ticket to a Scrum Lake Workshop of your choosing.
  • You will receive a welcome pack from us, thanking you for your registration.
  • Specifically designated time in every class for assessment preparation. Practicing some mock questions and receiving feedback will increase your chances of success.

Upcoming classes and pricing

Our pricing model can be found by clicking on our calendar below. We price our classes dependent on your geographical market, with discounts available for secondary and tertiary locations. Typically, this will mean a lower, per-participant cost (proof of residency may be required). Please contact us for more information if this is relevant to you.