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Are you interested in a private class for your organisation?

Thank you for considering Optilearn for your private training requirements. Unlike many providers, we try to keep our pricing as transparent as possible and therefore you are welcome to play around with this quote builder as much as you like.

We would encourage you to view all pricing as indicative. This is because there are thousands of possible combinations available and many requirements may be custom to your needs. As such, whilst we try to commit that the base price of your training will not cost any more than you see below, we want to be clear about what is included in the below pricing, and what isn’t. Any quotations that are for 20+ participants can be completed by our team on enquiry.

What is included?
  • Training delivered by an accredited trainer from the relevant training body Optilearn.
  • All certification fees, which typically include two assessment attempts should you need them. This also includes the associated PMI credits that can be claimed for attending our classes.
  • All resources and licenses required for the successful delivery of the training.
What isn’t included?
  • For in-person training, accommodation and travel for our trainer/s is invoiced in addition to the pricing below. Whilst the specifics are at our discretion, we do not charge any margin for arranging these.
  • If you wish for us to provide a suitable room and lunch, we will source these at a venue local to the requested location. Whilst the specifics are at our discretion, we do not charge any margin for arranging these. If you can provide appropriate space and infrastructure, then there is no additional charge.
  • VAT is excluded from all quotation prices unless otherwise stated. For in-person classes in the UK, VAT is always added. For virtual classes, VAT is only added for companies registered in the UK.

Please note that all of our training offerings have a minimum price that must be exceeded in order to place a booking. These are:

1-day: £3,000 (virtual) | £3,500 (in-person)

2-days: £5,000 (virtual) | £6,000 (in-person)

3-days: £7,000 (virtual) | £8,500 (in-person)

If you wish to clarify anything with respect to this quote builder, please contact us for more information. To make a booking you can submit an enquiry after filling in the fields below. Please also include whether you will be providing a location for the training (and an exact venue, if known).


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