For people interested in Scrum, Scrum Lake is a place to share stories, discuss techniques and take a deeper dive into Scrum theory, practice and reality. Scrum Lake is an innovative community of practice that creates a safe space to explore and validate our understanding together. It’s driving purpose is to make connections around the World and share stories that we can help each other resolve. Collaboratively, we deepen our understanding of Scrum through a shared experience.

Who should attend?

Our engaging workshops bring Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers and coaches from around the world to work together. Irrespective of job title or experience, this workshop is open to anyone with a basic level of Scrum knowledge such that they can engage in discussion and collaborate on Scrum topics.

What can you expect?

Each workshop is two hours long and is facilitated using Miro and Zoom. There are a maximum of twenty participants and a minimum of five.

Every session starts ‘lake side’ where a facilitator will lead introductions and share the ‘lake values’. Spending time doing this is vital, as there is always a range of experiences, geographies and cultures present. Creating a safe space to explore Scrum Lake is important so that real stories can be shared and learned from.

Once introductions are out of the way, the explorers will select where in Scrum Lake they’d like to visit. Do they want to dive deep and explore the language of the Scrum Guide? Do they want to consider how artefacts can become muddy and nontransparent? Perhaps they want to discuss the bedrock of the Scrum Values? Every session is different and a fantastic learning opportunity.

Nearing the end of the two hour workshop, the facilitators will encourage you to climb out of Scrum Lake, dry off, and evaluate your dive. We ask for open feedback, take photos (with your clear consent) and de-brief the activities we took part in.

Importantly, we always ensure that one or more facilitators stay on after the workshop has finished. This is an optional time, free of charge, for you to continue exploring Scrum Lake, ask question of our facilitator or make deeper connections with other participants.

Upcoming workshops and pricing

As with all of our offerings at Optilearn, our pricing strategy is transparent below. We do offer ‘bundles’ of tickets that you can purchase for yourself or others – please contact us for more information if you’re interested in that.

Public Offering
1 x 2 hour workshop
  • – one session attending the innovative Scrum Lake Workshop
  • – flexibly decide what the group will explore
  • – a discount for future sessions
  • – facilitated by at least one expert trainer from Optilearn
Private Offering
1-8 x 2 hour workshops
£ ?
  • – a facilitated community of practice for your organisation
  • – a personalised canvas that records interactions and discussions
  • – facilitated by at least one Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) from Optilearn

£30 (+VAT)
Scrum Lake WorkshopOur innovative workshop allows you to join other people from around the World as we dive into Scrum Lake – a co-creative, safe space where we explore Scrum together. In this workshop, we’ll be looking at Scrum Events. What do they look like at your organisation? Are they effective? This is an opportunity to learn and share techniques to improve our practice.
8-10pm BSTVirtual