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Scrum Lake is a metaphorical ecosystem for Agile practitioners to learn, explore and thrive within. Importantly, it creates an environment of safety for participants to access at any level of their Scrum journey, such that they can access the support they need to develop their practice. Fundamentally, the ecosystem is built upon the concept of Shu (experience the rules), Ha (learn and challenge the rules) and Ri (transcend the rules). As such, there are multiple ways in which to interact with the ecosystem which are explained in more detail below.

Lakeside Simulation

Scrum is simple to understand but difficult to master. The Lakeside Simulation is a two hour workshop for any teams who want to experience the realities of choosing to leverage Scrum for product delivery. Over a series of Sprints, teams will self-manage to produce valuable increments towards a Product Goal and have the opportunity to inspect and adapt – they will live and breathe empiricism! The workshop does not include deep theoretical training on the Scrum framework but rather offers the opportunity to be immersed in the application of it. All of this experiential learning is supported by the innovative Scrum Lake ecosystem.

Offering type: Virtual

Professional Scrum Training

Professional Scrum Training is the industry-standard approach to becoming an accredited Scrum Master (PSM I certified). Optilearn offers two themed Scrum Lake Professional Scrum Training opportunities in the form of Scrum Lake: Applying Professional Scrum and Scrum Lake: Professional Scrum Master I. They are two-day/four-half day class that allow would-be practitioners of Scrum to learn and challenge the Scrum framework.

Whilst these themed trainings are still accredited and assessed by, the differentiator is that student learning is supported and embodied by the Scrum Lake ecosystem. This is seen in themed activities that flow from one concept to another instead of independent learning opportunities – the training is a journey that is, in part, co-created by the participants as they experience it. All of the same learning objectives and core activities from the relevant classes are met (and exceeded), but they are simply delivered in a different way.

The Scrum Lake: Applying Professional Scrum training is not the same as other Professional Scrum classes. You will begin you exploration of Scrum Lake by landing at Ken Schwaber Airport and taking a trip to the local ScrumHOTEL. There, you will hear more about the excursions you will be experiencing throughout your stay, but importantly, you will also drop off your baggage and meet your fellow travellers. From there, it’s over to Scrum Lake where you will spend the majority of the class exploring the Scrum framework through innovative themed activities whilst focusing on building a city for new residents. When you’re all scrummed out, we’ll leave Scrum Lake for your check-out. You will leave feeling refreshed, energised and empowered.

The Scrum Lake: Professional Scrum Master I involves a deeper dive into the lake than with the Applying Professional Scrum class. It is targeted at those wanting to understand the theory and underpinning principles of the Scrum framework in more detail, and whilst it is still an experiential class, it is less hands-on.

Offering types: Virtual and Physical

Diving Deeper

The safety to explore, challenge and transcend a system is needed by everyone, and Scrum Masters are no different. Diving Deeper workshops are experiences that allow those with Scrum knowledge to share stories, engage in deep discourse, evaluate Scrum Guide terminology and provide solutions to problems that participants bring to the sessions. Importantly, the ‘Community of Practice’ style of Diving Deeper workshops are co-creative, meaning that whilst the structure of the Scrum Lake ecosystem is ever-present, the participants are encouraged to explore what they want to, and need to.

Offering type: Virtual


More information and public registration for Lakeside Simulation and Diving Deeper workshops can be found at Scrum Lake.

Enquiries for private registrations and quotations can be completed by contacting us using our contact form.


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