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The Collaboration Conundrum (Scenario Series #3)

Scenario #3 – A developer comes to you and says, “Why do we need to have a Daily Scrum every single day? We talk all the time, so we don’t think we need it.”

What would you say?

I hear this all the time as a Scrum Master. Sometimes, having a Daily Scrum is viewed as telling developers how to do their jobs – we’re telling them to talk about their progress. It can come across as ‘teaching them to suck eggs’ as talking to each other is a frequent and natural thing to do, so why does it need to be formalised?

Here’s the thing – a Daily Scrum isn’t just encouraging them to communicate. It’s about doing it formally with a clear outcome. It’s not a chat. It’s a purposeful event with the clear focus of making it more likely that our Sprint Goal will be met. An effective Daily Scrum inspects the progress made to the Sprint Backlog and considers what adaptations need to be made to it.

If a developer asked you this question, what would you say?

If you’re interested in my opinion, take a look at the video below.

A written transcript is available here:

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