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The Velocity Validation (Scenario Series #1)

This ‘Scenarios’ vlog series will discuss a range of tricky situations that Scrum Masters encounter. It doesn’t aim to provide definitive answers or steps, because there aren’t any. More, it’s about reflecting on the scenario itself.


Velocity Validation (Scenario Series #1) – ‘On Monday morning, a senior manager comes to you and says: ‘I’m really sorry, but we need the velocity of your team to increase by 10%. Can we meet a little bit later to discuss how you can make this happen?’

What would you do?

There a few parts to this scenario that we need to consider:

  • What is velocity and why does it need to increase?
  • Is it possible for a Scrum Master or a manager to increase velocity?

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

A written transcript of the Velocity Validation (Scenario Series #1) is available here:


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