(10/19) Product Backlog and Product Goal

In this video, Ryan differentiates between a product and a project, emphasising that the Product Backlog is aligned with the former, focusing on delivering ongoing value rather than being confined to a project’s temporary objectives. He describes the Product Backlog as a dynamic, living artefact that evolves with the product, the market, and the team’s understanding, guiding the development work towards the Product Goal.

The Product Backlog comprises various Product Backlog Items (PBIs), which are detailed, prioritised, and sized expressions of requirements derived from multiple sources. These PBIs evolve through refinement, an ongoing process ensuring they are clear, actionable, and ready for inclusion in the Sprint Planning. Ryan elaborates on the refinement process, clarifying it’s not a formal event but a continuous activity, essential for maintaining the Backlog’s relevance and readiness. He also delves into the importance of sizing PBIs, aiding the Product Owner in ordering and assisting Developers in capacity planning during Sprint Planning. The discussion transitions to the Product Goal, the Product Backlog’s commitment, defining a singular, measurable objective that the product aims to achieve. This goal provides direction and focus for the Scrum Team, ensuring all efforts are aligned with a strategic vision.

Ryan concludes by illustrating the practical application of these concepts through an activity, encouraging viewers to identify PBIs that contribute to a specific Product Goal, thereby showcasing the practical interplay between the Product Goal, the Product Backlog, and the team’s work. This overview sets the stage for a more detailed exploration of the Scrum framework, preparing viewers to delve deeper into its various components in subsequent videos.