(16/19) Sprint Review

In this video, Ryan explores the Sprint Review, an event that offers a crucial opportunity for collaboration between the Scrum Team and stakeholders to review the work completed during the Sprint. The primary aim is to inspect the Done increment and discuss the next steps to maximise value. The Sprint Review isn’t just a showcase of the increment but a collaborative session where feedback is sought to inform future work.

The event includes reviewing the increment, understanding its impact towards the Product Goal, and integrating stakeholder feedback to update the Product Backlog. Ryan stresses the importance of stakeholder participation in the Sprint Review to ensure the product’s relevance and value. Without this feedback, the Scrum Team lacks essential insights into whether their efforts align with user needs and business objectives. Additionally, the Sprint Review serves as a platform for the Scrum Team to highlight any impediments they’ve encountered, enabling the organisation to address these issues proactively.

The key takeaway Ryan emphasises is that the Sprint Review is integral to Scrum’s empirical feedback loop. It validates the work done and helps the team and stakeholders collaboratively decide on the next steps, ensuring that the Scrum framework’s benefits are fully realised through active stakeholder engagement and informed decision-making.