(12/19) Increment and Definition of Done

In this video, Ryan discusses the increment and the Definition of Done, the final artefact and commitment in the Scrum framework. He explains that an increment is the tangible output of a Sprint, embodying the cumulative value delivered by the Scrum Team. Multiple increments can be developed within a Sprint, each building upon the previous, much like adding bricks to a Lego structure. The increment, Ryan notes, is a manifestation of the Sprint Goal, serving as a measure of progress towards the Product Goal. It’s crucial for the increment to be in a usable state, enabling stakeholders to provide meaningful feedback during or before the Sprint Review.

The Definition of Done is a set of quality standards that every increment must meet to be considered complete. This definition ensures consistency and quality, safeguarding the product’s integrity. It’s a shared understanding among the Scrum Team and the organisation, evolving as they gain insights into what delivers the most value to users. Ryan emphasises the importance of adherence to the Definition of Done, warning against the risks of compromising on these standards. He encourages viewers to think about the quality descriptors that would apply to any product, using a computer keyboard as an example to illustrate how diverse and user-focused these criteria should be.

Summarising, Ryan underscores that the Definition of Done is non-negotiable for releasing increments, ensuring that each one contributes positively to the product’s evolution. He also highlights the increment’s role in gathering user feedback, advocating for transparency and engagement with stakeholders to refine and improve the product continuously.