(11/19) Sprint Backlog and Sprint Goal

In this video, Ryan focuses on the Sprint Backlog, a crucial element in the Scrum framework, emphasising its role as a forecast by the Developers to meet the Sprint Goal. It’s a plan that includes the Sprint Goal itself, the forecasted Product Backlog Items, and the strategy for turning these items into a Done increment.

Ryan clarifies that the Sprint Backlog is dynamic, allowing the Developers to adapt it as they uncover more information throughout the Sprint, ensuring they remain focused on achieving the Sprint Goal. Ryan underscores that the Sprint Backlog is exclusively under the Developers’ control, although the Product Owner may suggest changes based on new insights. The Sprint’s primary aim is to achieve the Sprint Goal, which provides coherence and focus, guiding the Developers in their collaborative efforts. To illustrate the concept of the Sprint Goal and its flexibility, Ryan proposes an exercise where viewers plan a romantic day out, translating this into a series of Product Backlog Items aligned with a specific Sprint Goal. This activity demonstrates the diversity in approaches to achieving the same outcome, underscoring the Sprint Goal’s role in fostering collaboration and focus among the Developers.

Ryan concludes by stressing the importance of the Sprint Goal in maintaining the team’s focus and coherence, highlighting that while the Sprint Backlog may evolve, the Sprint Goal remains constant, guiding the team’s efforts throughout the Sprint.