(7/19) Scrum Values

In this video, Ryan explores the five Scrum values: focus, openness, courage, commitment, and respect, which are integral to the functioning of any Scrum Team. He emphasises that these values are not isolated; they interconnect and reinforce each other, enabling the three pillars of empiricism—transparency, inspection, and adaptation—to be effectively implemented in Scrum practices.

Ryan provides insights into each value:

Focus: Demonstrated by adhering to the timebox of Scrum events, concentrating on a single Sprint Goal, and supporting continuous improvement within the team.

Openness: Encourages vulnerability and honesty, allowing team members to acknowledge challenges and offer constructive feedback without fear.

Commitment: Reflects the team’s collective responsibility towards the Sprint Goal, Product Goal, and Definition of Done, differentiating between commitment and mere forecasting.

Courage: Involves facing challenges directly, encouraging every team member, regardless of their role or seniority, to express their views and tackle issues head-on.

Respect: Ensures all team members are valued equally, fostering a culture where each voice is heard, irrespective of the individual’s position within the organisation.

Ryan suggests a reflective activity where individuals or teams can identify specific ways they embody these values, enhancing their understanding and application within their Scrum practice. The key takeaway is that these values are foundational to building effective Scrum Teams, enabling them to navigate the complexities of product development with a human-centric approach. When these values are lived, they bring the empirical nature of Scrum to life, fostering trust and facilitating a productive and respectful team environment.